For Investors

At PLF, we recognize that investors often need deep evaluation of domestic and international IP portfolios of target companies as integral to their investment decision. To make informed decisions, savvy investors at all levels must understand the proprietary position staked out by its target companies. We provide clients with an assessment of IP barriers to entry that may exist for target companies, and how the IP portfolio contributes to the valuation of a target company.

Our IP due diligence includes in-depth evaluation of domestic patent, trademark, and copyright portfolios, as well as trade secret policies. This service includes verifying ownership, scope, and statements made by the target company regarding its IP portfolio. Depending on the scope of the diligence requested by the client, our diligence may include title searches, contract review, interviews, and on-site evaluations, supplemented by online resources.

We conduct freedom-to-operate patent searches, and identify the competitive patent landscape for target companies and technologies. PLF can customize the parameters of its due diligence to meet the investors’ requirements.

Because of the diverse technical background and experience at PLF, we are able to conduct due diligence in a range of technical fields. Broadly defined, these fields include:

Computer Hardware and Software
Consumer Products
Medical Devices
Mobile Applications
Semiconductor Technology
Web-based Services

Working with our international associate network, we can expand our due diligence to include global IP considerations.

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