General IP Services

Powers Law Firm is a boutique intellectual property law firm offering a range of non-litigation, national and international intellectual property and transactional services. We will customize these services to your specific strategic and budgetary needs while maintaining a level of responsiveness that sets us apart from large firms.


Searching, preparing, filing, and maintaining patents (domestic and international). We can prepare, file, and prosecute provisional, utility, and design patent applications. Considering international patent rights is an important component of our patent strategy discussion.


Selecting, screening, filing, and maintaining trademarks (domestic and international). We work closely with clients to ensure that their trademarks have the best value potential. To assist clients optimize value of the protected brand, PLF offers a final review of related outbound marketing materials, incorporating awareness of the global marketplace.


Preparing, filing, and maintaining copyrights. We help our clients determine when copyright registration adds value and how best to include proper copyright markings on materials.

Trade Secrets:

Creating trade secret policies for identifying, protecting, and enforcing trade secrets rights. We provide customized employee education sessions, from informal brown bag lunch sessions to formal training sessions, on these trade secret topics.

Due diligence:

Providing all levels of evaluation of domestic and international IP portfolios.

IP strategic counseling:

It never is too soon to evaluate potential intellectual property rights and develop protection strategies. We advise clients looking to identify, protect, maintain, and monetize their national and international intellectual property portfolios, and ensure that domestic or international IP assets are not inadvertently overlooked or lost.

In-house counsel support:

Assisting counsel with transactions and intellectual property portfolio management, handle overflow licensing work, and otherwise assist with an IP portfolio. With our deep expertise in transactional work, (including development and delivery of technology licensing training for attorneys), we provide senior-level legal professionals available to assist you. Our informal employee trade secret brown bag lunch sessions are popular offerings for our clients.

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